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About Interspace Web Hosting

Founded in 1996, Interspace Ltd has established itself as the leading provider of web hosting and e-businesses solutions in Israel.

For over a decade we are delivering the power of the internet to any organization that needs it. We do this through award-winning:

Professional Web Hosting Solutions

  • Shared Hosting - Linux and Windows
  • VPS (Virtual Private Servers)
  • Dedicated Servers Hosting
  • Open Code support - Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal
  • SEO Hosting
  • Resellers Hosting Solutions

Advanced e-Commerce Solutions

  • SSL certificates - Geotrust/Verisign
  • PCI Compliance solutions
  • TRANZILA- Online credit card processing
  • 3D Secure- Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code
  • Bank Transfer processing
  • Automated Invoice System with Digital Signature

Additional Hosting Services

  • Enterprise and Managed services
  • Domain Registrar in Israel
  • Hosting Server solutions for small Hosting companies
  • Live TV streaming solution
  • Global Data Center solutions

At Interspace, our clients are not faceless numbers. We know them and we listen to them; we implement changes based on their feedback.

To keep up with our latest initiatives, follow us on Twitter or check out our Hosting and Domain blog.

For more information Call Now: +972-73-2224444

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אחסון אתרים SEO
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אחסון אתרים Wordpress
שרת וירטואלי מומלץ
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